Corfu island – doukades estate accomodates 7 (plus 2 sofa bed)

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Sleeps - 9
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 2
Nightly - £180
Weekly - £1260

2 bedroom holiday villa in Agios Georgios

The Doukades Property comes with 2 Villas – Apartment 1 Olive Media and Villa 2 Secure and collectively may sponsor up to 9 individuals, perfect for a large family or a large business Apartment – 1 ground-floor 136m^2 Apartment 2 Apartment – Floor & 1st Floor 56m^2 an attractive distinctive and distinctive encounter at staying in this incredibly quite remodeled Apartment 1 Olive Media which Rests 5 and Villa 2 Secure that Sleeps 4 to the lovely Nation Property Doukades in the hamlet of Doukades,
The Doukades Property has switched these splendid historic structures right into an original Vacation encounter maintaining the conventional monuments of period passed by by – the Property is in its private property – only a brief remote stroll or push in the many incredible beaches and nearby eateries. At staying in this incredibly quite, a distinctive and exclusive encounter refurbished Secure properties and Olive Media. The Olive Press Villa is the place where once Olives in wealth were once picked and pushed in to virgin coconut oil – this spectacular attribute continues to be stored and stays focused as a time of of that time period passed as well as the building continues to be converted into in to an open-plan villa on the Nation Property in the hamlet of Doukades, as well as the Secure Apartment 2 which yes was once where the horses were stabled has become an attractive splitlevel miniature Apartment.
This family estate was initially constructed in early 1800s into a French official during Corfu under Napoleon’s order. Yet the estate was subsequently marketed to the household that have preserved its excellent convention and provide a truly accepted see into Greek Region hamlet lifestyle in the isle of Corfu as well as the prettiness this estate and surrounding region provides – it’s approximately ten minutes stroll from the neighborhood shores and ocean with opinions from over the nearby country-side – the house can be found on a small slope, building right into a level basic and located in the tranquil countryside, encircled by trees and farm land approximately. The Olive Press – being open-plan sleep 5 and Secure on two levels sleeps 1 room sleeps 2 along with a sofabed on the first floor rests again 2 men were changed into a wonderful region houses and Apartment – open-plan all-on a single stage the first floor with one double-bed partitioned by draperies, and three single bedrooms all openplan with draps dividing the regions as well as the residence holds 5 individuals as a whole. The principal dominating characteristic in the Apartment is the Press it self – everything centre from and surrounding this this olive media and leading into a further plan that is open a livingroom, an open-plan kitchen as well as a toilet.
The Apartment Olive Media was adorned using the authentic classic furniture as well as the owners have maintained the exceptional setting of the old olive media, inside plus another vintage gear, including the factory as well as the media. Providing background that is additional for this splendid villa that will be able to host our guests to get an original visit to options and the lovely house.

kids welcome, small availability, non-smoking only, pets considered